Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Pictures of our New House

This first  Pictures of our house This first one is the side of the front porch
 and then the 2nd is a picture of this big Kicthen I got you can see the sink and the stove and the ref,,,,look at the floor ...they are all hard wood and I love them the kicthen is about 20X15 it real big and theres a room behine the stove and its a extra one for a extra food pantray and then there a bathroom with out a shower but there a tub in this bath room .......
This 3rd picture is a picture of the staries case going up starting to the bedrooms up starties ..see this beauithful carpter on it and this hall way is hardwood
,This picture is hard to see the hard wood
floor and the door faceing you can see it as you go back into the kitchen.
|     We still have about 16 to 18 MOS so we can move to live in this house I cant wait......
LeRoy is going there in feb just to see if
every thing is ok there like the heater
and the roff isnt leaking it is really cold there
he well be taking the small trailer there and he
 will be bring the big white one back,
 I sure will  be glad when all this is over.
I'am so tired and I know LeRoy is :::::
thanks for reading my blog.....I love this house.