Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of 2015 New Years Eve.

 Hi There all my friends iam still here trying to get my blog to work to up load my card I have made dont know whta I have done to my PC it will let me do any thing except up load pictures so iam here to day to try and up load again , my friend Sonia (RIP ) my dear friend she even took over ,my PC to see what was wrong with it and couldnt get it either I was so shocked when she passed away BC I really didnt know she was so sick it was awful.I cryed for 2 or 3 days  she didnt tell to many people she was sick .here ist is the last night of 2015 and we dont know what to ask god for at the end of a rotten year so much has happen in 2015 and so many people died and so many shottings and just to much to ask Our god to help us for Our next year to be so much better.I did make a lot of cards for my friends and family , so I will try to up load them now.....